Taxis are readily available around Hamilton, Dockyard or outside major hotels – just raise your hand and flag one down or call one of the numbers below.

All taxis are metered at government-set rates, starting at $6.40 for the first mile for 1-4 passenger taxis and $2.00 each additional mile; or $8.00 for the first mile for 5 – 6 passenger taxi and $2.80 for each additional mile, for travel between 6:00 a.m. and midnight. Fares are 25 percent higher between midnight and 6:00 a.m., all day on Sunday and on public holidays.

Tour rates:  1 – 4 passengers @$40.00 per hour,  5 – 6 passengers @ $55.00 per hour.

The most popular taxi services are:

Bermuda Taxi Radio Cabs Ltd.: 441-295-4141

B.I.U. Taxi Co-op Transportation: 441-292-4476

Bermuda Taxi Operators Company Ltd.: 441-292-4175

Bermuda Taxi Services Ltd.: 441-295-8294

Trott Travel Ltd.: 441-295-0041

BTA Dispatching Ltd.: 441-296-2121

For physically challenged visitors call Access Bermuda : 441-295-9016