ferry dockyard

Hop aboard a high-speed Sea Express catamaran ferry – they will whisk you from Dockyard to Hamilton or back in about 20 minutes. Look for the Blue Route at the Ferry Terminal on Front Street. Ferries operate about once an hour during the day in the summer months but you are urged to get the latest timetable. From April to the end of October, there is also a direct ferry route to and from St. George’s to Dockyard and back again.

Please note that no cash, only tokens or passes are accepted on the ferries – you can buy both at the Ferry or Bus Terminals in Hamilton or at the VIC in Dockyard.  Children under-5s travel free, and if you have a rental scooter, you can take that on board certain ferries.

The best value option is to buy a Transportation Pass which offers unlimited travel on both the bus and ferry systems.

Tickets and passes are available from the Ferry Terminal or from Visitor Information Centres.

For more details, call the Ferry Terminal at 441-295-4506 for up to date information and schedules please visit www.seaexpress.bm