Bermuda Regiment – Beat the Retreat

Posted on: March 2nd, 2012. Filed under: Events.

The Bermuda Regiment Band and Corps of Drums and Bermuda Islands Pipe Band Perform a Beating of the Retreat Ceremony.  On occasion visiting bands will also participate.

The Beating of the Retreat Ceremony, in its earliest form, was simply a drummers’ call.  The Drum Major and his men would march around the camp or city streets playing drum taps to warn soldiers that it was time to return to their billets, put out their fires and go to bed.  This performance was known as the retreat and many regretted that they did not heed the drummers’ call.

Eventually, a pipe time was added to the drummers’ calls and a more elaborate ceremony emerged.  Later on, bugle calls were added and the parade evolved into the present day Beating of the Retreat Ceremony.

The massed bands march on, perform separately and then re-mass for the evening hymn and the playing of Sunset, at which the flags are lowered signaling the end of the day.  The bands then march past the guests of honour – His Excellency the Governor, the Honourable Premier, Worshipful Mayors, et al.

The Ceremony takes place throughout the island in the summer months, but are in the Royal Naval Dockyard on 11th June 2012 and again on  17th September 2012.  The Band and Corps of Drum of the Bermuda Regiment and the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band begin the display at 8:30 pm sharply before the general public and an invited Guest of Honour.

For more information please visit The Bermuda Regiment website here