Add value to your home

Posted on: May 2nd, 2011. Filed under: Living Tips.

Property management is the operation of commercial, industrial and/or residential real estate. As a Property Manager, managing over 60 residential properties, one thing that I have always loved is the depth of color and the elements of art/ design. In researching these subjects I hope to provide you with ideas that will help you customize your home both inside and out.

These newsletters will contain home decorating tips, going green, interior design ideas, landscaping ideas, featured artist, new products and much more!

Tips That Give You More Bang For Your Buck Home Buyer’s Guide says that when you live in a home, it’s easy to be blind to its shortcomings, but put it on the market, and those detractions can become readily apparent. They can reduce the ideal selling price of your house or leave it sitting on the market much longer than you would prefer.

So if you’re planning on renting or selling your home, it is prudent to step back from your familiar abode and inspect it with a new set of eyes — preferably the eyes of a prospective tenant or buyer.


DOES OUTSIDE SPACE MATTER? Give your balcony curb appeal! By refreshing it with ceramic pots green or colorful plants, make it maintenance free as possible!

NOT SURE HOW TO DECORATE? Consider hiring an interior designer to provide recommendations on how to increase the value of your home with renovations that won’t break the bank.

WHAT TO DO WITH EXCESS FURNITURE? Hire a storage unit to eliminate some of the clutter in your home, including excess furniture.

According to a 2006 cost-versus-value report in REMODELING magazine, a typical renovation project returns 75 to 80 percent on the dollar at resale. Kitchen and bathroom updates and window replacements return 85 percent

Upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms need not cost a fortune. Trade an old faucet for a new faucet, add a new backsplash or buy door hardware for visual appeal, anything to imply freshness and good maintenance by the previous owner is a good selling point.

In some cases, it might be necessary to replace a countertop. Where possible, go for granite.